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If you have ever driven by the Post Office and wondered why the flag was flying at half-staff (as I have),
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Could ninety seven percent of the scientific community be wrong about anything?
Could only crackpots, idiots, conspiracy theorists, and lunatics hold an unpopular and differing opinion of something the scientific community agreed upon to the tune of ninety seven percent?

We are expected to think so and the simple fact that ninety seven percent agreement leads one to think so.
And it is a simple fact that a ninety seven percent consensus makes it unpleasant to hold a differing view.

Can you think of any subject that falls into that category?
Can you think of a supposedly scientific "fact" that is popularly held and supported by incontrovertible consensus
rather than incontrovertible evidence?

I think most every one of us can as we try to keep warm during this arctic blast.

However would that obvious subject, that we can all determine, be the only one that falls into such a category of ninety seven percent scientific agreement?


For instance,,,,, what have we been taught all our lives about the Egyptian Pyramids in Giza?
You know,,,, the three really well known ones.

Well,,,, "of course" we all "know" that they were supposedly built by the Egyptians with ropes and log rollers of some sort as tombs of the Pharaohs.
Two million huge blocks in twenty years = one placed every three minutes twenty four/seven with no interior torch lighting? 
Well, they supposedly pulled on the ropes really fast and ate lots of carrots.
National Geographic has this nailed down.  Book closed, read the next chapter and come back tomorrow.
The entire archaeological community says this.  We've all been taught this.  We've had no reason to question this.

Only crackpots, idiots, conspiracy theorists, and lunatics hold an unpopular and differing opinion of this.
Oh yes,,, and let's add religious heretics and delusional believers in the aliens  (that science spends millions of dollars on trying to discover with radio telescopes, plaques sent into space, etc.).

And the fact that the climate has changed in Egypt over the preceeding millenia with no regard to carbon,,,, dioxide or otherwise has nothing to do with anything.

But what if we were to discover that there have never been found any mummies in those pyramids (with the exception of a mummy put there by an archaeologist determined to prove they were tombs.  Oh,, and it turned out the mummy was not old enough.  Sorta like putting some really old original Kentucky Fried Chicken remnants in the Smithsonian and claiming they were from a tiny pterodactyl.  Oooooops......)
"Inside the Third Pyramid proper, not an inscription, not a statue, not a decorated wall have been found; just stark, austere precision. The only purported evidence proved to be a false pretense: the fragments of the wooden coffin inscribed with the name of Menkara proved to be from a time some 2,000 years after his reign; and the mummy "matching" the coffin was from early Christian times. There is thus not a shred of evidence to support the notion that Menkara—or any Pharaoh for that matter—had anything to do with creating and building the pyramid itself. "

My, my, an archaeological scientist wrote the name of a Pharoah on who knows whose coffin and crammed it into one of the Giza pyramids....
Scientists wouldn't do that.  Would they?

And of course,,,, anyone with more than a surface knowledge of the Great Pyramid "knows" that it was supposedly built by Khufu as his tomb but he didn't get put in there because he forgot to make the tunnel wide enough or something (sorta like the GEICO commercial).  We "know" this because Khufu's name was supposedly found written in hieroglyphs inside the pyramid in red paint.

But what if were to learn that there was an eyewitness to the "discoverer" having his employee go into the pyramid with a brush and a can of red paint to find Khufu's name written in red paint.
And when that eyewitness (back in 1837) blew the whistle,,,, guess what,,,,, he got fired and had his career ruined.
And what if we were to learn that the guy with the paintbrush dribbled his red paint and additionally "misspelled" Khufu's name by copying an earlier mistaken rendering of Khufu's name written before the Great Pyramid had even been opened up (with dynamite no less).   oooops.... 

Sorta like an archaeologist in the distant future from now going into a ruined building and deciding it has to be a restaurant and thus painting Diamond Tuesday on the wall
in ruby colored paint and hauling in a few tables, chairs and KFC chicken bones to prove it,,,, only to discover later that the ancient restaurant chain was called Tuby Ruesday and the building he painted Diamond Tuesday on the wall ended up having been built before the Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving.  Long before there was a Diamond Tuesday, a Ruby Monday, or a Zirconia Wednesday.  And no one was sure what the building was for, because there were only KFC chicken bones and no Tuby Ruesday chicken bones and the tables were from a library and never had any food on them at all and the chairs turned out to be barber chairs; all hauled in from a nearby location.  So the only thing they ended up sure of, was that they weren't sure what the building was but if it was a restaurant it didn't have any restaurant stuff in it.  It didn't have much of anything in it except hallways and an empty box.  The future archaeologist said this box was for storing knives, forks, and spoons and along with the Diamond Tuesday inscription he wrote on the wall proved it was a restaurant.

And what if we were to learn that the "discoverer", Vyse, in 1837 wrote the stupid mistake in his own journal (sort of a smoking gun).
But of course he had no reason whatsoever to do this,,,,
other than fame, glory and money.
Of course we all know that no archaeological scientist would do something like that for fame, glory and money......  Now would they???????

But do we hear any of that from the vast majority of the scientific archaeological community?
Of course not.  They would be ridiculed, lose their job, lose their funding, and not allowed to explore further in Egypt.
It's Khufu's tomb built by the Egyptians with ropes and log rollers... 
National Geographic has this nailed down.  Book closed,,, read the next chapter and come back tomorrow.

And that is a greater consensus than ninety seven percent,,,
try ninety nine point nine percent toe that line.
Only crackpots, idiots, conspiracy theorists, lunatics, religious heretics, and delusional believers in aliens hold a different opinion on the Great Pyramid and other scientific consensus.


Charles Bryant Edwards

Every year an illumination memorial ceremony is held at the Antietam Battlefield near Sharpsburg, Maryland.
Each candle represents a casualty in the Civil War battle.  There are over 23,000 of them burning.
This picture shows only a portion of them.
Each Candle Represents A Casualty
Each candle represents a casualty in the Civil War battle which triggered the release of the
Emancipation Proclamation penned by Abraham Lincoln.

And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.

And there are more;

I think that most of the men who go to war for us,,, those who see combat,,, never come back.
I don't mean that they actually lose their lives (although many do),,, but the men who went don't come back.

It is a sacrifice which is unintended and unexpected by them and us.
A sacrifice which will never find a place to rest until Christ returns.
A sacrifice whose symptoms are most often treated with drugs,
but whose cause can only be calloused over
as they attempt to slog forward with their lives.

It is a sacrifice they and we can do nothing about, except to appreciate,
and hope,
and pray,
for their ability to carry on.


Linked here is some information that you might look upon as a gift from me to you.
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If you happen to feel a little rumble,,,, maybe the dishes rattle just a little or something falls over for no apparent reason,,,, you might just have experienced a very small earthquake.

You can check it out after such occasions anyway.
Arizona has been getting a little shaking just today,,,, 7/11/2014.

Did you feel it?

And if your electronic devices have been acting a little funky, you might want to check out this link.
The peaks indicate activity that will affect electronic devices.  The x-ray chart is particularly telling.
Yesterday some television signals were disrupted (often called technical difficulties)
and the cell phone acted up a little.
Did you notice anything?

It is amazing to me how much the sun affects our daily lives,,,,
warmth (cow poots and lawnmowers notwithstanding) cold and otherwise.

I hope you enjoy the links.

Psalms 23:2, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters."Psalms 23:2, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters."
There Is Beauty To Be Found All Over The World
Here we find it in Walenstatdberg, Switzerland

Charles Bryant Edwards